Web3 Developer Salary

How much do web3 developers make?

The exact salary of a web3 developer depends on their experience, location, position, and other factors. With all that in mind, the average salary for a web3 developer is $90k – $160k per year. It is important to note that web3 developers may also be entitled to receive bonuses, stock options, and other benefits.


The average salary for Junior web3 developers is $45k – $90k per year.

The average salary for Senior web3 developers is $130k – $200k per year.


Top Web3 Developer Positions

PositionAverage SalaryMinimum SalaryMaximum Salary
Solidity Developer$110,000$80,000$240,000
Content Writer$55,000$10,000$100,000
Golang Developer$100,000$60,000$220,000
Javascript Developer$90,000$40,000$210,000


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